Title: Real Madrid against bayern Munich
Blog Entry: Real Madrid against bayern Munich caused a lot of attention, after the game on social networking sites, it's the referee just called a penalty problems become the focus of the parties to the dispute. Former Colombian star, general lira also delivered his views on social networking sites, but he is don't respect about real Madrid, according to real Madrid for "mouse". Bayern contrast were sent off of discontent, in addition they think real Madrid two goal was offside. And lafite, the game also the fourth official holding a cell phone see the replay  Buy FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade . Carlo ancelotti for uefa officials also expressed dissatisfaction. Shelling real Madrid blasted real Madrid J ronaldo at real Madrid, while their fellow humans, universal lyre was shelled the real Madrid on social networking sites, he wrote: "can't do again! Can't steal! Offside goal, red card... don't spiked, the mice!"