Subject: CY-15H ball transfer unit,CY-16H carbon steel unit
Content: Plain bearing bush and the bearing body composition, pad in direct contact with the journal. Between the rotation axis of the custom bearings and the presence of the inevitable wear and tear, and the shaft is an important component on the machine, replace the more d ficult, so try to keep a minimum shaft wear and prolong its l e, so that the pad becomes worn parts. Therefore, bearing materials shall meet the following requirements. ① have sufficient strength, ductility, toughness, and some wear to withstand shock and vibration. ② having a lower hardness, so as to increase the amount of wear of the shaft. ③ WB702 Bronze Bushing has a smaller friction coefficient and excellent conformability (finger shaft and the bush is in operation with the performance of each other), and the lubricating oil can be saved in the running surface, in order to maintain a normal state of lubrication between the shaft and the bush. ④ has a good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. We can guarantee the bush does not soften or melt at high temperatures, but also anti-corrosion lubricant. ⑤ good seizure resistance. That is, when friction condition is not good, bearing and shaft material is not glued or welded together. ⑥ CY-15H ball transfer unit,15kg load capcity ,CY-16H carbon steel unit have a good process, easy Casting, easy and tile bottom welding. ⑦ low cost.