Subject: Sleeve Bearing DX Maginal Bushing bearing Factory
Content: sliding bearing performance and organization bushings and bearings and the inner liner directly used in conjunction with the journal, there is friction between each other, but also to alternating loads and impact loads of action. Since the shaft E is an important part of the machine, its manufacturing process is complicated and costly, d ficult to replace, to ensure that the shaft with the minimum of wear and tear, the hardness of the pad should be much lower than the journal can be worn pad replacement, necessary, continue to use axis. Performance: sufficient compressive strength and fatigue resistance; good anti-friction (friction coefficient is smaller); good lubricating oil reserve function; good conformability; good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance; good process performance to make it easier to manufacture and cheaper prices. A material that can not meet these performance requirements, the sliding bearing alloy casting method in 08 cast-steel bearing, made of bi-metal bearings. ① soft matrix and hard particles un ormly distributed. ② soft particle distribution on hard substrate. DX Maginal Bushing in _ as when soft tissue is first worn concave, store lubricants, forming a continuous film distribution, the hard part is to play the role of bearing journals. Thus, the actual contact area is greatly reduced with the journal bearing, the SOBW SOBWN oilless washer, cast bronze wear washer friction reduction.