Subject: DX-H sleeve bushing steel sleeve bearings manufact
Content: Common sliding bearing alloy (1) tin-based and lead-based bearing alloy (also known babbitt) Representation bushing design and other non-ferrous metals grades that same way, for example, that the average mass ZSnSb4Cu4 antimony-containing fraction is 4%, the average mass fraction of copper is 4% of tin-bearing alloy. Babbit price more expensive, with low mechanical properties, usually by casting method to set in the bush steel (08 steel) forming bimetal bearings. Common brands bearing alloy composition and use ① tin-bearing alloy. Tin-bearing alloy is tin matrix, adding antimony, copper and other elements. The advantage is with good ductility, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and low friction coefficient and the linear expansion coefficient, suitable for the production of an important bearing, such as steam turbines, engines and other large machines, high-speed compressor bush. The disadvantage is that the fatigue strength is low, a lower operating temperature (no higher than 150 ℃), this bearing alloy is more expensive. ② lead-based bearing alloy. Lead-based bearing alloy is lead matrix, alloying elements antimony, tin, copper and other components of alloys. Lead-based bearing alloy strength, hardness, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance than tin-bearing alloy is low, and a large coefficient of friction, but the price is cheap. Suitable for the manufacture of low-load bearing, such as automobiles, tractors crankshaft bearings, bearings and other railway vehicles. (2) DX-H sleeve bushing Usually copper-based bearing alloy with lead tin bronze bronze. Copper-bearing alloys with high fatigue strength and load-bearing capacity, excellent wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, can work below 250 ℃. Suitable for making high-speed, heavy-duty bearings working under, such as high speed diesel, aviation engine bearings. Common brands are ZCuSn10Pl, ZCuPh30. (3) aluminum bearing alloy Aluminum bearing alloy based on aluminum as the matrix, adding tin or antimony and other elements of the alloy. The advantage of this alloy is thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and fatigue strength are high, and cheap. The disadvantage is a large coefficient of expansion. Seizure resistance is poor. Recently high-tin aluminum bearing alloy most widely used. Suitable for making high-speed (> 13m / s), overload (> 3200MPa) of the SESW SESWT oilless slide plate, bronze wear plate . Common brands of ZAISn6CulNil.