Subject: DU oilless dry bushing sleeve bearing Manufacturer
Content: How to improve the wear resistance of powder metallurgy bearings First, vulcanized powder metallurgy products Objective (a) of vulcanized Vulcanization process in powder metallurgy products as friction-reducing material bushing applications to iron-based oil bearing the most widely used. Sintered oil-bearing (including the amount of graphite 1% -4%) manufacturing process is simple, low cost, under PV Slide bearing,bushing,bearing bush and slip, wear and heat can be reduced; 3, abrasion - Since the ceramic material FB090 bronze rolling bearings is an inert material, it is more resistant to corrosion and abrasion; 4, the required minimal SOL L shaped oilless plate,guide slide plate, bronze plate - low friction coefficient of the ceramic material, ceramic bearings lubricated by oil, the lubricating oil in the case of thinning or lean, its lubricating ability is still lower than the conventional steel bearing lubricants commonly used; 5, high temperature - 500 in all-ceramic bearings can. C above the temperature of the work; 6, DU oilless dry bushing rigid - because the elastic modulus of the ceramic material of higher rigidity than conventional steel bearings Large 15-20%; 7, low torque - According to the structure, ceramic bearings reduce torque about 1/3; 8, non-magnetic non-conductive - ceramic bearings can not magnetic, electrical damage.