Subject: Sleeve Bearing Straight split slide bushing Suppli
Content: Copper is generally used to do sets of copper alloy, it is not self-lubricating effect of Straight split slide bushing to do because of their lower hardness than the steel, copper alloy as a member to protect the loss associated with the parts. you need to have a Powder sintered parts-PM wrench effect, mold guide sleeve for the purchase of self-lubricating bearings, copper sleeve is distributed in a number of holes, hole mosaic plastic (such as polytetrafluoroethylene) or graphite, copper sleeve when the inner shaft runs with each other for some after time, the problem of rising copper sleeve, the hole plastic is extruded plastic as a lubricant. I previously used, with bushing suppliers to do the guide, I would choose self-lubricating sleeve, size can be customized. very convenient.