Subject: Auto engine bearing sleeve bearing manufacturing
Content: One-way bearing Auto engine bearing slide bearing lock a bearing on the direction.One-way bearing metal case, including a number of roller, needle or ball, and the back seat (den) shape so that it can only in one direction, while in another direction will happen a lot of resistance (the so-called "one-way"). Commodity characteristics Powder metallurgy one-way bearing selects the molding and sintering jiashan bearing factory technology will metal powder (or the mixture of metal powder and nonmetal powder) made of steel ball bearing products technology.In the discussion of powder characteristics and technical change characteristics, on the basis of the corresponding technology of process, change the shape of the powder, function and their arrangement structure and become used to d ferent demand of bearing products. Entity IA-25 ball transfer unit,130kg load capacity used GCr15 bearing steel, after heat treatment hardness in HRC61-65, bearing small volume and high bearing capacity, have meet smooth fat storage space, can have a long distance to smooth period. Powder metallurgy Sintered bronze washer disc and the real one-way bearing can completely make the shaft was driving force "locked", to avoid the traditional stamping outer ring one-way bearing "lock" function lack of doubt.