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Keshia Knight Pulliam searching
Posted On 06/15/17 @ 01:53 AM by Zachstrief
Keshia Knight Pulliam searching for Male impotence Hartwell’s NFL pension plan regarding little one installments Television and radio Discuss Build a brand new private data All of us didn't recognize that pass word reset code. Get into the email to get a another one. * #forgotPasswordForm * * forgotPassword_emailAddress * * forgotPassword_sendButton * * /forgotPasswordForm * Create a new private data We now have sent an e-mail together with guidelines to make a brand-new password. Your o... Read More

RA24-Relationship Advice from a 24 yr old
Posted On 09/20/08 @ 06:55 PM by Pineapplez
RELATIONSHIPS: Thoughts from a 24 yr old.  I would like to first say that “I AM NOT A RELATIONSHIP EXPERT”, none whatsoever, and that “I AM NOT A KNOW IT ALL OR THINK I KNOW EVERYTHING” because I will be the first person to tell you that I DON’T. I can only tell you what the situations I have been thru personally have taught me and helped me to realize.  Plz remember these r only my opinions and should not be taken offensively.  With that being said the things that I h... Read More

The Truth Behind My Eyes
Posted On 09/17/08 @ 09:29 PM by Pineapplez
I cry more than I smile

But nobody really knows

I mastered how to hide

What goes on inside.

But this time it's too much to take

The damn behind my eyes breaks

And the tears come rushing down my eyes

Like water over the falls

Emotions push with enormous force

And break thru walls as sadness appears on my face

Worry defeats my strength

As I wonder why I am... Read More

Heart's Broken Pieces
Posted On 09/17/08 @ 09:27 PM by Pineapplez
Teary eyed and in a state of weakening

I came to you…

Wondering if you could touch upon

And bring to life what looks as though

It's not beating…

Trying to hold it together

Pieces slipping thru the cracks

Of my fragile fingers…

Stitched and stapled, taped and glued

Wondering if you have the materials

To make what is broken brand new

Can you help me?... Read More

Time's A Wasting
Posted On 09/17/08 @ 09:24 PM by Pineapplez
I sit motionless and watch the clock
In the dark corner of the room
The seconds hand continuously spins round
And the minute hand won’t move
One minute just won’t turn into two
I don’t know what to do
My mind wanders aimlessly
The look as though I’m in a daze
Is worn upon my face
Time keeps on moving for you
But for me it’s broken…I’m stuck
But that’s just my luck... Read More

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