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They lost a lot of the goodies Black Diamond Log Splitter
Posted On 06/07/17 @ 01:40 AM by usefulsplitt
And sure enough, rich people invest in black Diamond Log Splitter to get the things they want. But, you know, if you go back to 1986, although rich people got a much lower rate, they lost a lot of the goodies they used to have because Congress stood up to them and said the only way we can make our tax code work is to make it apply equally to everybody. So if we could get that mindset in the U.S.
Congress and the White House, yeah, we could, but - I hate to say it - but generally in the... Read More

Phoenix Rising
Posted On 02/06/10 @ 12:17 AM by autumnphoenix
Ole to Pride

Ole' to Gordon Parks and the men and women
Black with gifted hearts.
To have seen him in his prime
to have known talent so divine.

I wish I could have been there
when Harlem was new.

I wish I could have seen
Langston and Maya
The "Count and Lady"
All that creativity, the birth of expression.

The poetry, the words and lyrics
The art of art, photographs and paintings.

These were the gifted minds of a thriving
place and ye... Read More

1st Black man in the White House
Posted On 11/27/08 @ 01:28 AM by Dirtywork54
The 1st black man in
the White House 
Excuse me, may I have your full attention, before I get started I’d just like to mention,
That I’m a Born Again Christian, now wait a minute, that’s not your queue to stop listening,
Until you hear exactly what I’m about to say. Things are about to change here today! 
Today for the first time in our history, we elected our First black man as President.
It’s not a mystery the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue will have... Read More

Making Poetry
Posted On 11/05/08 @ 02:51 PM by MAKingPoetry

Posted On 08/21/08 @ 04:46 PM by MAFLongfellow

Called Moses by Her People

Harriet Tubman was the very one.
In the year of 1851.

Called Moses by her people
a slave to none.

Returning from freedom
Braving nineteen runs.

Three hundred people
Their chains undone.

Confidence, bravery,
And fearless of death.

Built the Under Ground Railroad.
She conducted by faith.

Abolitionists, Quakers, and Senators too.
She commanded allegiance. They all were true blue.... Read More

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