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Posted On 08/24/09 @ 04:48 PM by EpiPhany86
From broken homes
To broke mothers
A mans world has us all under cover
Leaveing a struggling mother
Alone to be smoothered
A word of faith is what she utters
No I didnt stutter
Forget not the words that i speak
I'm here
To speak out for the meek
For those who feel that they are week
I'm here to tell you
It's our time
To take over this winning streak
So come on
Get up on yor feet
Join in together
Form a fleet
This way no one can defeat
The effort that we put forth
Only we know our true worth
All the pain heart ache
 That noone should endure
We reach out looking for more
Why does it have to be a war
Just to make it threw the door
Trying to make it from behind
Our bills we try to confine
Wondering whats Gods ultimate design
So as to have peace of mind

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