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Short Story #1
Posted On 08/30/09 @ 07:53 AM by LastSoulja77

She lay in a bed of loneliness troubled by her emotions. The music searches for her dreams but they hide from her soul escaping the vision that is supposed to be. Time pass and her secrecy grew stronger with every agonizing moment in her life. She dares not to speak that she may reveal her desires. So she seals her LOVE away not to be seen by the soul of another. Her eyes are like diamonds made of snow beautiful but always melting away with sorrow. She escapes into nature to find peace searching for solitude from what she must face.


A merchant knocks at her door. She opens to see a man with the skin of bronze, with eyes of hope, with lips of truth.  He offers her ointments and garments. He goes to his knees and lays the ointment to her feet. She is intoxicated by the fragrance praising the smell, she ask from what store did you get such an ointment? He responded saying from your solitude. He then wrapped her in fine garments soothing to her skin she asked again, where did you get the material? The merchant touched her lips and said from what you are afraid to say. As the merchant touch her lips he began to speak what her heart wanted to say so many times. Her tears ran as deep as the Nile River and sorrow was freed by a kiss from the merchant. The woman curious, asks who you are? And he said I’m your heart, you left me in the garden.



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09/03/09 @ 01:32 AM
This is beautiful and lovely.

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