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So I wanted to do a visual Chinese Elevator
Posted On 06/06/17 @ 02:03 AM by fuji3you

CARL KASELL: The show ran on Comedy Central for Chinese Elevator two seasons 14 years ago, and one of the stars was Amy Sedaris, who played a woman in her 40s who goes back to high school. SAGAL: Amy joined us in 2006 to talk about that show and her popular books on entertaining. Here she is with panelists Charlie, Amy and Mo. AMY SEDARIS: M: Because when you invite someone into your home, be it a dealer or boyfriend, whatever, you're saying I like you. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: Right. SEDARIS: Right? Yeah. That's why. SAGAL: I understand. SEDARIS: And "Under the Influence" really is about, you know, I was influenced by Girl Scouts and Junior Achievements and my second first-grade teacher - you know, all the things that I've been, you know, influenced by.

And then I have a whole chapter on how - what a pain in the butt it is to entertain people who do get drunk or really messed up on something - how they can single- handedly bring your party to a screaming halt because they always think they're the life of the party but really, they bring it down. SAGAL: Now, I noticed - I was leafing through the book, and I noticed it has many recipes. SEDARIS: Yeah, OK, yeah. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: And I just... SEDARIS: And lots of pictures and large print.
SAGAL: Oh yeah, lots of pictures and large print.

I'm sure you... SEDARIS: I really kept the illiterate in mind because a lot of people who can't read, that's one thing, and then there are a lot of people who just don't know how to read. So I wanted to do a visual book so that when they saw the picture, it would inspire them to write their own story in their head. SAGAL: Right. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: Do you advise - I mean, are these real recipes? If I make... SEDARIS: Yeah, I took it seriously.

A lot of the humor came from Paul Dinello making fun of the fact that I was trying to be serious. So I decided to make it a little bit more entertaining than I originally wanted to, because I just don't like joke cookbooks. And it would just go into a wacky pile, and nobody would take it seriously. So it's all real. SAGAL: Including, like, your list of munchies? SEDARIS: Munchies. (LAUGHTER) SEDARIS: Yeah, that was a hard list to come up with. SAGAL: Yeah, I could tell because... SEDARIS: Someone thought I was holding a hummingbird feeder in that picture, and it's a bong. It's so funny to me. (LAUGHTER) SEDARIS: Because it's like, why would I be holding a hummingbird feeder, looking like that? That's so funny to me.

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