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They got some good chronic China Elevator
Posted On 06/06/17 @ 02:04 AM by fuji3you

SAGAL: I mean, the list starts out OK. CHARLIE PIERCE: China Elevator could explain why the hummingbirds fly upside down and backwards in my yard. SAGAL: Yeah. (LAUGHTER) PIERCE: I thought it was a hummingbird feeder when I found it in the garage. SEDARIS: They got some good chronic; that's what it is. (LAUGHTER) PIERCE: I'd forgotten I owned that. SAGAL: Well, Amy Sedaris, we are delighted to have you with us. We have asked you here to play a game we're calling... KASELL: Drinking This Much Will Either Win Me a Pulitzer Prize, or Make Not Winning a Lot Easier to Take. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: Not all great writers are drinkers but certainly, it often seems that way. We recently came across a book called "Hemingway and Baileys Bartending Guide." SEDARIS: Wow.
SAGAL: It's a book of anecdotes and cocktail recipes from the country's famous authors. We'll ask you three questions about the drinking habits of literary geniuses in history. SEDARIS: OK. SAGAL: Get two questions right; you will win our prize for one of our listeners, Carl's voice on their home answering machine. SEDARIS: Wow, OK. SAGAL: So Carl, who is Amy Sedaris playing for? KASELL: Amy is playing for David Tuttle of Arcadia, California. SEDARIS: OK. SAGAL: All right, you ready? SEDARIS: Yes. (LAUGHTER)
SAGAL: Here we go. Here's your first question. There are big drinkers, and then there's Jack Kerouac. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: The author of "On the Road" once got so drunk he did what? A, he roasted, cut up and ate a Goodyear truck tire; B, he enlisted in the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines on the same day... (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: Or C, he got married to a 47-year-old elevator operator who spoke no English? SEDARIS: Oh, they're all so good, Sophie's choice. (LAUGHTER) SEDARIS: I'm going to say three.
SAGAL: You're going to say he got married to that 47-year-old elevator operator who spoke no English? SEDARIS: It's not true. I'm going to say three, but I bet it's two. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: Well, which are you going to say? I don't want you to... SEDARIS: I am saying three, but I bet it's two. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: I don't know what this says about you; it is the second choice. It's B, yes. SEDARIS: Yeah, it is. Yeah. SAGAL: It was the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. SEDARIS: I knew it. SAGAL: So why didn't you...

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