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The one starter who NBA 2K18 MT
Posted On 06/09/17 @ 09:05 PM by coolrsgole

The one starter who plays fewer minutes on the road than at NBA 2K18 MT home: Roy Hibbert. The center averages 30.2 minutes per game at home and 29.6 minutes per game on the road. That difference is negligible. But consider that David West, for instance, plays 2.2 minutes more per game on the road than at home. That puts Hibbert's negative burn split in perspective: while the other starters all play a good bit more on the road, Hibbert plays less.


More from our team sites Indiana PacersFollow More from our team sites Indiana Pacers blog Indy CornrowsWhy does Roy Hibbert play fewer minutes on the road than at home unlike all other Pacers starters?There's one fairly obvious culprit: fouls. Hibbert averages 2.8 fouls per game at home and 4.0 fouls per game in slightly fewer minutes on the road. That is a massive difference. Fellow center Ian


Mahinmi also plays less on the road, which is odd. Indiana's only two centers of repute (sorry Andrew Bynum) both play less on the road than at home.Isn't foul rate one of the Pacers' big road problems?Yes! The average NBA team fouls 4 percent more on the road than at home. Indiana's foul rate jumps 11 percent on the road. Hibbert is the only Pacers regular whose fouls per game jumps enough (43 percent!) to matter on the road. Two extra fouls per game is just a ton. 


Is this Hibbert's fault?Highly unlikely. Remember, Big Roy is Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins one of the toughest defenders in the NBA to call properly, thanks to the verticality rule and his immense stature at 7'2. It's entirely reasonable to believe that Hibbert is called differently on the road than at home. That's not his fault.What about offensive rebounding?Hibbert is only a slightly worse offensive rebounder on the road vs. at home. Among rotation players, Mahinmi, George Hill and Paul to http://www.buynba2k.com/

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