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The off-season will make the wolf become very busy
Posted On 06/12/17 @ 08:34 PM by fifacoinslol
GLENDALE - Now the Stanley Cup final is over, the off-season will make the wolf become very busy.

The first will be the NHL draft, which is being staged to help expand the Las Vegas Golden Knight in the 2017-18-18 season.

As part of the expansion process, the coyotes and other 29 existing NHL teams must also submit a list of protected players to NHL's central archives on Saturday, June 17, at 2:00 pm. Arizona time.

The league is expected to be the rival of the rivals of the rival will be announced on June 21 (Wednesday) the other 30 NHL team players as part of the 2017 NHL awards ceremony at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas fans Can be viewed from NBCSN at 5 pm. Arizona time. Actor Joe Manganiello will host the awards ceremony, Kathryn Tappen will attend the NBCSN expansion conference.

In accordance with the rules of the league, the team can protect seven strikers, three goalkeepers and a goalkeeper or any nine players, no matter how the location. (Cheap NHL 18 Coins is provided for you at the reliable site www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-18/ut-nhl-18-coins ) Any player with more than two years of NHL / AHL experience will be exempted from the expansion, unless agreed to give up, otherwise the player must not be transferred to be protected.

"It was a unique event, which was a big event," said the chief manager of the coyote, John Chaka. "We have the ability to take the players and protect their position, we have more protection, we have a lot of players can be removed (because of the lack of NHL experience), so I can see as a chance to see if there is a way to reallocate Assets to try to take advantage of this opportunity, but at the same time we will not be hampered by the expansion of many teams will lose a very good player which is where we are as a team life cycle, which is where we are Lucky part. "

Two days after the expansion, the alliance will quickly shift its attention to the annual entrance of the Chicago Coalition.

This year's coyotes currently have seven draft picks, including the first round (seventh, twenty-three) for three consecutive years.

The first round of the NHL admission is scheduled for Friday, June 23, at 4 pm. Arizona time in NBCSN. The 2-7 round will be held on Sunday, June 24 at 7 am in Arizona. Fans can watch on the NHL network.

Once the draft ends, Coyotes executives and the team's new pick will rush to Arizona in order to start the club's annual development camp on Monday, June 26th. Often, the camp will last for five days and end a small race on Friday, June 30, at 6 pm

In addition to the new options, past draft picks Dylan Strome, Clayton Keller, Nick Merkley and Christian Fischer are planning to participate in the development camp.

Ice meeting is scheduled for 2 pm to 4:15 pm on June 26 9 am to 12 am June 27th 9:00 am to 12:00 pm All ice meeting, including the tournament will be held at AZ Ice Peoria.

Finally, NHL's free agent will open on Saturday, July 1, at 9 am in Arizona.


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