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Phoenix Rising
Posted On 02/06/10 @ 12:17 AM by autumnphoenix
Ole to Pride

Ole' to Gordon Parks and the men and women
Black with gifted hearts.
To have seen him in his prime
to have known talent so divine.

I wish I could have been there
when Harlem was new.

I wish I could have seen
Langston and Maya
The "Count and Lady"
All that creativity, the birth of expression.

The poetry, the words and lyrics
The art of art, photographs and paintings.

These were the gifted minds of a thriving
place and yes a time.
Gordon Parks, Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kit
Sidney Poitier', and Bea so divine.

These were our giants. Titians of black history.
legends out of time.

They gave us ourselves,
before the marches before the equality
of a long struggle.
They gave us, us.

The heart and soul of a people
at a time when it wasn't cool to be black.

These giants showed the world
it was a gift to be black.
As they sang "to be young gifted and black."
They showed us all.

Yes to be young gifted and black
I call the role and listen to the affirming reply.

Matthew Henson...Present
BeBe King...Present
Sarah Vaughn...Present
Mahalia Jackson...Present

I call the role
Marcus Garvey and Ossie Davis...Present

Butterfly McQueen...Present
Ruby Keyler...Present
Bill Bo jangles...Present
Lena Horn...present

On and on the role was called
on and on the gifts were given.

On and on it goes
until the end of time
oled to a people most gifted
and divine.

Tags: pride, black, divine


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