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The love of FIFA
Posted On 06/16/17 @ 02:10 AM by cheapfifamer
We are still in the fight against FIFA 17, our young people are now real superstars, but after months of play, we believe we have put our fingers on some of what we want to see fixed things, adjust or FIFA 18 completely changed.

Any desire list is a sweet thing - and ultimately our desire for change stems from the love of FIFA. We just want it to love us more sometimes. To View More About FIFA 18 Coins at the reliable site www.lolga.com/fifa-18-coins

Game and AI adjustment

It's biggie; any FIFA player knows there's an unavoidable feeling that sometimes AI makes you scoring instead of your own skills to win the win. This of course makes the whole thing feel a little bit, so empty.

What do we mean? After producing a series of truly (and literally) incredible solutions, you can find - usually in the 44th minute of the game, you've got the winner in advance - AI is greatly misunderstood by the terrible score Hard to miss. Or your 35 hits and hope arrows inadvertently enter the vertex.

The worst is a lot of ways, when the game is pre-determined to fight, and for a man, you face a team full of Bobby Moore / Pele (see the kids on YouTube), the opposition goalkeeper turned into Peter Peter Schmeichel (see the kids on Facebook video), or your 99-finished striker often hit this post in the same game, and so strict, you start to wonder if he / she is There is some kind of wood fetish.

We get such a seasonal project can make things more agitated, we do not want to completely dominate, but we just want this chance to feel more, I do not know the organic ones.


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