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Independent developers dare to innovate and change
Posted On 06/18/17 @ 08:28 PM by fifacoinslol
Game independent developer

An independent developer is a software developer who is not affiliated with or dependent on a publisher. Some developers themselves publish their games through the Internet and word of mouth. Their products because there is no mainstream publishers huge marketing budget Rocket League Items, so the risk is relatively low. Independent Developers However, they are free to explore experimental game themes and styles.

With the advent of cheap digital sales games on the current game consoles, independent developers are directly connected to the console manufacturers and are now widely practicing their own games. For example, as Everyday Shooter did, it was a downloadable PS3 game created entirely by one person.

Other independent developers for many video game publishers to produce a variety of game platform game software. In recent years, this model has been declining, and larger publishers, such as electronic art and the United States, are increasingly turning to internal studios, often the original independent developers who have acquired for major development needs.

Independent developers dare to innovate and change, often with small cost to create thousands of profit myth (such as angry birds). In the traditional brainwashing can not work today, independent developers are the most afraid of the game game sword. But independent developers are often subject to large companies such as "slander", "swallow", "legal proceedings" or "monopoly" and so on. Independent developers must have strong technical and strong perseverance in the early stages of business through the difficulties.

Independent Developers Representative works:
Angry Birds (more than 500 million downloads in AppStore)
Minecraft (global sales of more than 8 million units)
Oriental Project (with more than 800 colleagues in Japan)


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