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Manchester United is most likely to bring back Ronaldo
Posted On 06/19/17 @ 02:02 AM by cheapfifamer
Renewed Real Madrid, won the Champions League and La Liga champions, when people think Ronaldo Real Madrid in the best time comes, an unexpected unexpected.

Yesterday, according to a number of authoritative media reports, due to unbearable tax evasion, Ronaldo www.xfifa.com has decided to leave Real Madrid, the heavy news detonated the entire football circle, a time rumors everywhere.

Real Madrid in response to the news after the rapid response to the President Florentino led the senior to comfort the Portuguese calm, they do not want to lose the current football signs, so that they re-established dynasty undoubtedly significant Fight against.

However, "Marca" made it hard to prepare the Confederations Cup Ronaldo has told the Portuguese teammates, he will leave Spain this summer, decided not to change. In this case, the old club Manchester United, Paris and Super teams have become Ronaldo's rumors home.

British "Sun" analysis, Manchester United is most likely to bring back Ronaldo, because the latter is very love here, Manchester United is to let him become a superstar platform, the most important point, Ferguson on Ronaldo know the grace, So once Sir Alex Ferguson to come forward to attract, re-righteousness Ronaldo hope to return to Old Trafford.

Degea became trading chips for Degea to become a bargaining chip

In addition, the "Sun" also pointed out that Manchester United is currently in close contact with Real Madrid striker Mora Tata, and Real Madrid and Manchester United De God has also been outgoing for many years scandal, the two super giants are likely to use this opportunity to complete a shock Football super transfer.

The specific program is that Manchester United sent Degea +1.8 billion pounds transfer fee, packaged acquisition of Ronaldo and Mora Ratti two, once the acquisition becomes a reality, the existing forces of football will be re-layout.


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