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I trust the Lakers defense to NBA Live Mobile Coins
Posted On 08/08/17 @ 07:54 PM by mmogonba2017

But the problems the Spurs have been facing could simply be solved by NBA Live Mobile Coins getting healthy.While the Lakers may have gotten the matchup they desired in the Spurs, ESPN's 5-on-5 has four of its five predictions going the Spurs' way in five games. Ethan Sherwood Strauss disagreed, taking the Lakers in a six-game series and believing the post presence of both Howard and Pau Gasol would be too much. The caveat? If Nash doesn't return, the prediction never happened.


Sean Highkin over at USA Today predicts the Spurs will win in six games, with the loss of Bryant being too much of an obstacle to overcome. If the Lakers do win, however, he puts it on the shoulders of the Lakers' frontcourt of Howard and Gasol, and the Spurs failing to deliver on offense. All five experts at CBS Sports also predict the Spurs will win the series. Capping off the Spurs' near clean sweep in the predictions, Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen also predicts the Spurs will take the series, giving it to San Antonio in five games.


Do I trust the Lakers defense to make late-game stops? No. I don't trust the Lakers defense to do much of anything at all. In order to trust them, I would need to see them perform well more often than not. But trust is the wrong word in this situation. The Lakers are the clear underdog in this series, which means that if everything goes according to how we should trust it might, the Lakers will lose. The Lakers' chances lie in their capability to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins outperform their averages, which is something it would be stupid to trust in.



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