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Smith has agreed to NBA 2K18 MT
Posted On 08/12/17 @ 01:33 AM by coolrsgole

Martin, but at a fraction of the efficiency. (Martin will score roughly 1.2 points per shooting possession. Smith will score about 1.00 to 1.04.) He's also a bit of a NBA 2K18 MT hot head and has no shooting conscience whatsoever. He can be valuable, but only to a point.


Smith has agreed to 4-year, $24 million deal to stay with the Knicks. Here's Prada's analysis.18. Manu GinobiliThere's little chance the Argentine leaves the comfort of San Antonio. There's an increasingly strong argument that the Spurs shouldn't pay much to keep him, though.


 While he's a far better playmaker than Smith or Martin, he's also much more turnover prone and in the middle of the pack in efficiency. The trend isn't pretty, though: he's been getting worse within the past two years and, at nearly 36 years old, there's not much left in the tank for him.


UPDATE: Ginobili's new deal with the Spurs will be for two years and $14 million. Here's Prada's analysis.19. Monta EllisA great joy to watch ... as long as he's not playing for your team. Ultra aggressive with the ball, extremely inefficient, in his prime and ready for an eight-figure salary.


What's not to love?Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports (ALMOST) EVERYONE ELSE, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER(R) denotes a restricted free agent.Gerald Henderson (R): Most teams would rather have Henderson than a number of guys on the above list. He's a surprisingly decent scorer on a per-minute basis, but needs to get more  Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins efficient and defend well to make a dent in the league.Ivan Johnson (R): Still terrifying.Devin Harris: Devin Harris is 30 years old. Aaahh! He was also once an All-Star, which now seems shocking. (UPDATE: Harris agreed to a 3-year, $9 million contract with the

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