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Short Story
Posted On 08/26/08 @ 09:57 PM by LastSoulja77

I don’t have a problem with life yet it seems to have a problem with me. Is it my dark skin that strikes fear in it’s future or the mind that grows with time against it’s progression. No where to turn while memories burn that it will not heal that which it tried to destroy troublesome life since the days of a adolescent. So life what is the problem you have with me that you hit me from every direction without and ounce of affection. Some chase weed clouds to free themselves from the shackles of your oppression yet I carry the weary days of your actions on my back and climb the hills of my sins to yet start over again.

See life you robbed me so many times off my seeds that were never born because life to my earth that the time wasn’t right for them to enter this place where my soul waited with open arms to embrace. Then you send me nightmares to remind me of the eyes I never saw, the innocent hands I would never touch. Life how many tears will you squeeze from my soul that it may dry my essence out of all it’s virtue. Life you even took from me that which is apart of you, do you hate me to that degree that you sacrifice your on progression that cause me to lament?

Who are you that you robbed me of my childhood? See I awoke to foster homes and abuse from holy Christians while I cried alone because my father I was missing. My mother taken hostage by the gravity of the wild life my pops was wounded by this and had to recover while the stars of his system suffered. No family moments because their was no family this is my agony which birthed insanity in my mind so life don’t even speak just past me by that you will not have the opportunity to weigh me down. Just let me be, just let me be.


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08/30/08 @ 03:47 PM

When Black men and black brothers shall become manly men and will pick up their responsibilties then such remorseful moments shall be history.We need to love ourselves and show the world watching us that we can pick our pieces and come up to stand shoulder to shoulder. Let us not allow ourselves buried by streams of apathy and sympathy. That time had passed and we need to stop being prisoners rather let's strive to become lawyers, Doctors,Bankersm, Engineers, IT Experts etc. This will make us to have families that have what we never had. Keep your tears and bitterness away.Choa

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