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RA24-Relationship Advice from a 24 yr old
Posted On 09/20/08 @ 06:55 PM by Pineapplez

RELATIONSHIPS: Thoughts from a 24 yr old.


I would like to first say that “I AM NOT A RELATIONSHIP EXPERT”, none whatsoever, and that “I AM NOT A KNOW IT ALL OR THINK I KNOW EVERYTHING” because I will be the first person to tell you that I DON’T. I can only tell you what the situations I have been thru personally have taught me and helped me to realize.  Plz remember these r only my opinions and should not be taken offensively.


With that being said the things that I have learned:


*Not every person you meet will be “THE ONE”. Some people r put in ur life to teach you sum type of lesson and that a lot of ppl will come and go.


*YOU WILL GET HURT at sum point thru-out ur relationship, not sayin that it'll be huge but accept that its apart of the process, and its just a part of life. Besides u will neva truly know how it feels to feel good unless u’ve had something to compare it to.


*and this is sumthing that I really had to learn…Keep the main factors and ur relationship problems to urself. The less amounts of other ppl’s thoughts u have in ur head the better u’ll be able to make ur own decisions. Only consult ur friends when u need to.


* Stop telling people about ur sex life… good or bad that info is for u and ur man/woman.


*Keep the communication as open as possible…u don’t have to tell each other every single thing but tell each other enuff that ur not hiding anything.


*Don’t ever let anyone tell u relationships are easy, they may seem so on the surface, but a relationship takes a lot of work and patience.


*Relationships r 50/50; if one person is carrying all the weight, that will cause that person to b stressed for what seems to be no reason


*Take ur time…enjoy things for what they are at the moment, when u rush into the future, u miss the little moments that r going on in the present.


* Its not about huge materialistic notions or gestures, small but yet personal notions or gestures have a greater impact than u will ever kno.


*YOU CAN’T CHANGE THEM; you have to be willing to accept ppl for who they are in their entirety. There is ALWAYS gonna be about someone that you just can not stand regardless of how good or perfect u think someone is, its just whether you can live with this flaw that will make the difference.


*NO ONE IS PERFECT aka allow room for error/ mistake sometimes. From mistakes come growth. But it all depends on the size of the mistake for what u decide to let slide.


* Never say anything or make any promises that you don’t plan to keep, it will come back to haunt you.


*Don’t hide who you really are, put it all out there front and center from the beginning cuz it will come out eventually so get it over with so there are no surprises.

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09/23/08 @ 04:04 PM
wise info to live by.....

09/20/08 @ 08:19 PM
Thanks for sharing this info sista...

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