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POSTED BY: xiao1236 on 06/11/17 @ 10:38 PM

multi-storey solid wood flooring

wood flooring industry experts and guests mainly on the "conservation" concept in the fine decoration of the real estate and flooring industry significance; multi-layer solid wood flooring is environmentally friendly and comfortable to enjoy the harmony and unity; Flooring industry,http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/comparison-of-vinyl-fence-and-wooden-fence.html to improve industry standards, in response to create a conservation-oriented society called on these three aspects of the issue had a fruitful discussion. Canada's Sino-Japanese Forestry (International) Group Vice President Zhao Weimao said, "North American maple" multi-storey solid wood flooring to do environmentally friendly building materials in the model, but also

the first to promote the concept of conservation-oriented society extended to the flooring industry, Industry, to improve industry standards, in response to national calls. He also hope that in the future there are more building materials enterprises,Wood Plastic Flower Planter Boxes agents, designers in the country on the community responsible for the attitude of consumers, the common response to the call, so that the industry tends to more benign direction, which is the return of the community A concrete manifestation. Many people who have gone through the catastrophe often show a strange idea: always glad that they have encountered such a catastrophe. From the catastrophe to come out and

become more strong, more contentment, but also to regain the inner peace, and will have an unprecedented optimism. The year of the year - 2006 - the flooring industry suffered a catastrophe again and again, again and again pushed to the cusp. Europe and the incident occurred, led to the integrity of the entire flooring industry crisis, 337 investigation lost, anti-dumping sword sword hanging, raw material prices,Find the Best Wood Plastic Flooring solid wood floor consumption tax, and finally detonated the long chaos of the floor industry. Foreign market contraction, the domestic market competition, the increasingly competitive environment, the living environment more and more

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