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Jan. 22th 2013
Posted On 01/22/13 @ 10:47 PM

He who lie is he who can't be faithful.
Tears pouring through her
she is wishing that her man can quit telling lies.
Oh my, the same
ol' drama.
"Is there an end?"
Lord protect this sweetheart.
She can use
a very good friend.

The roof is on fire.
A major altercation is about
to transpire.
Leave, please leave now.
The distraught woman can't take
I said leave. Get out and walk out the door.
She told him to beat
Acting so childish,
that sore loser is clearly defeated.

Do i
need to call the cops?
They are just down a little ways,
maybe just a few
You better rise on out of a daze
and move it.

April 19, 2012
Posted On 04/19/12 @ 08:13 AM
The right way
to a brighter day
will come in some way.
"Where is my passion?"
At first, i thought it was lost.
I regained it at no

Back and forth,
i battle emotionally at times
to determine
if i am indeed worth
any value to society.
Be honest my thoughts. 
Please don't lie to me.

In this sinful planet,
i see and feel more
and no concern
instead of healthy progress
achieved by an ambition always ready to learn.

April 18, 2012
Posted On 04/18/12 @ 06:01 PM

Evil is bad and wrong.
Good is happy, glad, and
Complexities are in me
and you.  You do see, right?

new age is born.
I turned twenty nine
yesterday in time.
Now i step
as time keeps me going toward
the inevitable date of

Time can't rescue
me from dying.
If i said so,
i'll most
definitely be lying.

March 30, 2012
Posted On 03/30/12 @ 09:23 PM
My spirit is like a butterfly.
When the wind roars,
my spirit
high, very high
in the sky.

My human form
will soon be
gone.  Not for long.
Till death do me apart
forever away
from the dark
of this sinful place.

I bow not often.
When i am at the dinner table,
every meal needs a prayer
from the holy man up

Part 2 of March 12, 2012
Posted On 03/12/12 @ 11:50 AM
By the end of day,
I just want to calmly lay
and reflect on my multiple tasks on that day.
"Would that be okay?"  It is not a crime of mine.
Police aren't coming from behind.

Stay true and honest most of the time
are what i do.
As i re-establish
a workout groove,
i still have so much to prove
on redefining my personal physical frame.

There is no one to blame
if i am out of shape but me.
Every morning in the mirror,
i see my body frame.

March 12, 2012
Posted On 03/12/12 @ 11:38 AM
GOD bless the current living and dead.
My heart loves the thought of giving till i'm dead.
Even after death, memories of mine will give
those who feel in a constant tangle with a bind of some sort.
GOD is the only holy support of all.

Holy is great.
Unholy is not.
I feel a demon
constantly wanting to plot
and destroy whatever happiness
i have left.

Defying the odds
against any opposition
is not an easy task.
I still dare to ask.

Part 2 of March 11, 2012
Posted On 03/11/12 @ 09:00 AM
Hard times open up more worry.
Sad faces are multiple and multiple of
I am still single.
Although in my dream
i never feel
GOD and angels keep me strong.

Previous setbacks haunt.
just laugh them off.
Oh well.  So what if i did fail.
A major part of
a recipe
toward success is failure.

Like what was said,
well.  Before i go to bed
each night, i pray for another
tomorrow sight.

March 11, 2012
Posted On 03/11/12 @ 08:54 AM
I can move away from any rain.
Open up home door.  I need in.
Please key work.  Don't make me complain.
Love is
essential.  Hate is not.
Happiness is very beneficial,
until a bunch
of external opposition tries to plot.

After a few tough minutes
a struggle to open the door,
i finally got in.
Yes, the door is locked
Thank you so much home.
There is no rain in sight
since i am out
of sight
from the external element.

I can't be gone forever.
will take me away.
Memories of mine are forever.

March 9, 2012
Posted On 03/09/12 @ 10:32 PM
Thy shall I always trust
the lord to defeat any of my sins,
including lust
after death.
Thy shall I always respect
the lord and any angel
near by my heart.  Thy shall not neglect.

Everyday is a victory
after the next.  What will be next?
I wish a clue came through.
As i look at me,
puzzled, dazed, and confused
are all i see.

My loyal shout out
is to all surviving troops.
Wisdom can flow out of any wise mouth.
My sincere salute is for those who represent
the united states by marching on boots.

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