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The People of Haiti
Posted On 01/14/10 @ 08:08 AM
I watched in disbelief the horrific scene in Haiti.  My prayers go out to them.  My heart is heavy.  Let's please keep them all in our Prayers, Please.

Cleanse my body-spare my soul
Posted On 05/14/09 @ 11:39 PM
  • Cleanse my body - spare my soul


  • It's late in the evening, my eyes are tired
    I rushed  through  traffic to get home to
    unwind today.
  • relaxation is what my body desires
    my bath water runs quickly
    to provide me with one of the best parts of my day
    (how considerate is that?)
  • while sitting on the side of the tub
    staring at the clear,crystal water
    my mind drifted - the sound of the running water
    faded in the background
    (you know that sound?)
  • I thought of how much we abuse the shell  we
    were provided by the most high, over-taxing it
    everyday in so many ways
    (you know what I mean?)
  • I pray that my soul is in a much better condition
    at the "end of the day"
    much more disciplined and preserved
    just -  well you know, taken care of
    (you get my drift?)
  • ...and speaking of drifting.....my tub has runneth over!!!


  • 5/8/09 5:26 pm

Second opinion
Posted On 12/15/08 @ 07:20 PM



Believed every word you said
without a bat of an eye
or a doubt in my head

diagnosed me with a broken heart
didn't  fix me
just left me in the dark

prescribing, arriving
at the same conclusion
broken hearted
crying with no solution

engaging me  in clinical trials
drawing my blood in ten
different vials

performing, running all  sorts of  test
gett-n  paid  high $$$ at it's best
this  is totally - totally  insane
for me it's all -it's  all  in vain

cath test, stress test and  and  ekg's
done only - only to appease

confusion, illusion
of  me getting well
front-n, , pretending
as I dwell ......in denial

I've come to realize
I need a second opinion
through my own - my own dominion

Tags: God is my savior

Odor of Racism
Posted On 10/07/08 @ 12:04 AM

It has a musty stinch
permeating the air like
diffusing its odor as it passed

I held my breath...
will it ever dissapate?

I knew there had to be something
to rid  this repugnant odor

I researched deep, I found answers

Like courage
and determination, patience
and endurance, most of all

although resistant
it finally moved on...

on to another place and time.

I cleared the air slightly
with the solutions of old

Although the odor is subtle
it still lingers on...
...it still lingers on


Keep faith alive!

Thanks for the invite..
Posted On 09/30/08 @ 10:24 PM

Hello everyone, 

I am a "newbie" I have been quite busy attempting to set up my page here.
I will be writing soon, so far I have enjoyed all of the great poetry written, I also have a page on www.myspace.com/lostinspace49.  I am sure I am going to enjoy this space a lot better.

Tags: new entry

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