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06/14/17 @ 12:30 AM
It's 2017 and we can get this thing popping again.  Say hey!

12/17/16 @ 03:12 AM
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12/06/16 @ 02:48 AM
Oh wow, its so good to finally see a profile with so many views considering I am new to this and have not got much views. I even tried learning from best essay writing but could not really find anything useful. I really hope to talk to you and learn a thing or two, so help me!

10/14/16 @ 02:44 PM

Mr! I missed ya! I know we could Face book but its been awhile since i penned up I dont even pecil much might touch keys like alicia of the leash like a lease what? went up like embers and spaceship all that glitters might mold is it gold id like to taste it break my teeth upon the bars balling like monstars touch the bottom of jordan like Israel how im walking with a cloud that hoovers like halo i play the stix without the cheat code some say Im a beast but this bell will keep me sweet so how low can i go before i dont glow no mo idk im off like i dont flow no mo I just wanted to drop a line bc i remember the times like when Mike walked backwards over the moon who needs a sign tell the retrograde planets that somehow ive landed on globe with different hues yet they lie through vision signing the blues...Happy Friday! Thank you eternally for this platform! It was and is such a confidence boost ( i may record what I just penned to you) 

Peace and Blessings Royal One! 

04/13/15 @ 10:22 AM
Need to get this place rocking again...

04/25/14 @ 04:24 PM
Gonna share my page here on FB. Spreading the word! 

04/25/14 @ 04:23 PM
Hello Is this site dead or what? lol 

03/19/14 @ 01:12 AM
Hey my brotha how art thou?  It's been forever, but that's why I'm checking in.  Peace.

03/05/14 @ 05:26 PM
Hey there my friend, how are you? I'm fine, cold as hell, but doing okay. And yes my friend always, always writing!!!

10/22/13 @ 01:30 PM
Hellooooooooooooooo!   It's cold!!!

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