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02/05/12 @ 04:25 PM
Super Bowl Sunday - Hope all is well brother...

04/03/10 @ 11:19 PM
NEW SPOT: http://www.PoeticSpace.US (-------

03/21/10 @ 07:32 PM
Do visit the new SPOT;
http://www.PoeticSpace.Us (---------

03/19/10 @ 06:33 PM

Hey poetic brotha....haven't seen you around. Wanted to stop by and
let you know that our poetic "home" has moved and this spot won't be up
much longer. Visit our new "home" and say what's up!!! Hope you have
some new stuff to share!!


11/29/09 @ 03:44 PM
Hello! just want to stop by to say Happy Be- lated Holiday's!

11/18/09 @ 04:48 PM

I am glad you are finally able to get back on here and share your words. Hopefully, I can write something soon I am still dealing with my writer's block LOL... Anyways, whatever you are going through just hang in there things will come together soon.

Take it easy

09/23/09 @ 04:46 PM
Hey! I haven't seen anything in the forums from you since I started getting back on here. You use to have the best pieces. Hope everyting is good. Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care.

09/21/09 @ 10:42 PM
Sending love and blessings! God bless (xoxo)

08/24/09 @ 10:15 AM
Attention Poetic Hustlers,

On November 4, 2008, President Barack Obama was elected to represent you to the world. Now is the time to express how this exceptional election and presidency has affected you. Poetic Hustles In the Era of Hope and Change is an anthology intended to showcase poetry that expresses our power and dedication to hope and change. It is a contribution to the age of Obama—not just the man, the movement.
Poetic Hustles is a rhyme and reason poetic fight to sustain the aggressive energy that has forced a new consciousness to come forth into the 21st Century. If you are a writer who constantly strives to improve your craft, if you love to read poetry, attend poetry readings, if you LIVE poetry, we need your contribution!

Project Definition:
Poetic Hustles In the Era of Hope and Change is a collection of poems that we believe contribute to the culture and spirit of the generation of Americans that represent the unprecedented social and political movement inspired by and continually fueling the Barack Obama presidency and legacy.
Poetic Hustles is an artistic effort to sustain the energy and dialogue that has birthed a new consciousness with hope and change at the center. This work is intended to encourage and give voice to the emerging poets and leaders of the 21st Century and be an inspiration for those to follow.

We are looking for poems with the following themes:

Hope: Poetry of hope that stresses the necessity of the fight for civil rights; fiscal responsibility for children, seniors and social security; the poor, women, the disabled, and veterans.

Change: Poetry of change is a rhythmical representation of the changes that will and can take place when education, family, ethics, and service to others is a priority.

Responsibility: Poetry of responsibility are poetic accounts of what happens and to whom when people, their welfare, their health, and their improvement are not a social precedence and the damage that is caused when this attitude bleeds into communities, homes, and attitudes.

Positive Politics: Poetry of positive politics is the poetry of want, what the people want regarding foreign policy, energy and the environment, health care, taxes, technology, urban policy, immigration, and the economy.

Honor: Poetry of honor are love ballads and rhymes for those who have been or are trailblazers for equality, justice, humanity, and universal love. This is the poetry inspired by our heroes—both well-known and unknown.

Submission guidelines:

-Work must be original.
-Max of three poems can be submitted per person
-Please email poems to poetrysubmissions@BLKFR8R.com as a Microsoft Word document,
-The submission deadlines is 9.30.09. Reponses will be emailed by. 11.15.09

Title; Poetic Hustles in the Era of Hope and Chnage: An Anthology
Publisher: Black Freighter Productions
Editors: Ivan Tarver and Tiffanie Beatty
Relase date: 1.20.2010

07/22/09 @ 01:50 PM
Thank you for commenting... I appreciate your words. I know Michael is in the Summerland, living his immortal life. I am happy to be apart of this poetic family, and I am happy to have you in it as well. It is an honor and a blessing to have met you, my fellow Vamp. 

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