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The Patriots star players
Posted On 07/22/17 @ 02:02 AM
2007 season NFL regular season came to an end, the new England Patriots made 16 victories of the impressive record, as the NFL 88 years history of the first regular season 16 consecutive victories team, the fourth to get the regular season victory Team, while the Patriots star players - quarterback Tom Brady in this season to break a number of NFL and the team's historical record Madden Coins, led the Patriots team toward the next three years after the rehearsal into the finals and Eventually won the goal of the Super Bowl trophy forward.

The New England Patriots broke a number of NFL history this season, including the highest single season score (589 points) and single season up to touchdowns (75). After the regular season, the Patriots have eight players selected All-Star team, will be on behalf of the United States after the Super Bowl against the All-Star team. This is the Patriots since 1985 for the first time since eight people were selected for the All-Star team, of which 7 will be starting, occupy the AP's 22 starting position of nearly one-third, and last season, the Patriots only two Selected.

The team is able to achieve such a brilliant record, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Randy Moss (Randy Moss) this pair of gold partner. As the soul of the team field, quarterback Brady this season to break the NFL single season touchdowns record, 16 regular season he completed a total of 50 touchdowns pass, pass the number of yards to 4806 yards The In addition, Brady in the 16 regular season games in 12 games have completed three or more touchdowns, breaking the NFL record, he also became the first NFL history 10 consecutive 3 completed and 3 More than touchdowns quarterback. And take over Moss this season, completed a total of 23 times the ball touchdowns, beyond the Jerry Rice in 1987 hit a single season catching array of 22 times the NFL record, while the 1493 yards in the number of ball yards Second place.

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The main controller for PlayStation
Posted On 07/09/17 @ 10:53 PM
The main controller for PlayStation 4 is DualShock 4, which is linked to the host via Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and the old controller DualShock 3 can not be used on PlayStation 4. DualShock ? 4 incorporates several new features, including a front-mounted dual-point capacitive touch pad. In addition, the controller also supports dynamic sensing, built-in three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerator, the vibration function is also improved FIFA 18 Coins. DualShock 4 is also the first PlayStation native controller to officially support Windows PCs. The controller has a built-in non-removable rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh. The controller weighs about 210 grams, the size is 162x52x98mm, the use of rubber and plastic material to increase grip.

The controller has several output connection ports. One of the 3.5mm TRRS stereo jack can be connected to headphones and microphones, allowing users to simultaneously receive and transmit audio. In addition, the controller is equipped with a Micro-USB port, an expansion port, and a mono speaker. The controller can be charged via mirco-USB or a dedicated charging stand.

DualShock  4 also loads light bars that show a variety of colors. Different colors can be used to represent different players, and can be used as a reminder of important messages (such as the reduction in the value of the game characters). In addition, the light bar can also interact with the PlayStation Camera camera, so that the camera through the light bar to determine the controller's action and distance. This feature is based on PlayStation Move technology, and the existing PlayStation?Move controller is also available on PlayStation4.

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Psyonix's first attempt for Rocket League
Posted On 07/08/17 @ 04:04 AM
Rocket League's simplicity is a virtue. This was not developer Psyonix's first attempt at making a boost-powered car football game: 2008's Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, after seven years of refinement, became Rocket League. Rocket League Items It is stripped-back to the essentials: teams of rocket cars in an enclosed arena trying to score goals. You don't need to have played Rocket League to watch and understand, and it has even more innate advantages in the parallel to an existing sport and the five-minute matches—so many eSports events, even now, suffer from needless downtime. 

 While there are plenty of arenas - or should that be pitches - already available in the game to choose from in the game, more are promised from the game’s creators, who have promised that they will not overcharge for them. The game understandably won itself a dedicated community of fans. Designing Rocket League's rocket-boosting artisan was an absorbing process; because it was so abundant added appearing than added amateur that we've formed on.The Rocket League begins with a joke, an Easter Egg, with its dazzling glorious growth, taking over the squatting game.

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The Stanley Cup competition conditions
Posted On 07/07/17 @ 03:55 AM
NHL purchased most of the WHL players' contracts and mostly used to store the list of three new US teams. In the original six times, the most important expansion will be the Chicago Black Hawk, Detroit Red Flag and New York Rangers join NHL. With the NHL now in the northeastern United States the largest market has been firmly established, while the Western team was deprived of the best players, PHL is considered a "small league", not worth the challenge NHL hockey supremacy.

PHL lasted only two seasons. In the next two decades, other league and club occasional challenges, but the trustees of the cup are not accepted. Since 1926, there has been no non-NHL team fighting for the Cup, leading it to become the NHL de facto trophy. In addition, without any professional hockey league no challenge, NHL also began to call the league championship world champion, despite the absence of any alternate championship. In doing so, NHL has copied the policy adopted by the National Football League (National Basketball Association, which will also be established in 1946), which has not yet begun in 1920 NHL 17 Coins.

Finally, in 1947, NHL reached an agreement with trustees PD Ross and Cooper Smeaton to give NHL control, allowing the league to reject the other league challenges that may wish to participate in the tournament:

The Trustee hereby hereby authorizes the Union to determine and amend the Stanley Cup competition conditions, including the qualifications of the challenger, the appointment of officers, the distribution and distribution of all tickets, and the award of the trophy will always be recognized as the world professional hockey champion.

The Union assumes responsibility for the care and safe custody of the Stanley Cup, including the necessary maintenance and alteration of unnecessary cups and substructures, and further undertakes to ensure that the Stanley Cup guarantees its complete guaranteed value.
The Union hereby acknowledges that the Trustee will be calculated on a one-thousand-dollar basis on condition that it is safe to return to the Trustee in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and agrees that the Union is entitled to return the Trophy to the Trustee at any time.

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The team's largest short board
Posted On 07/04/17 @ 03:36 AM
In the recent draft night, the Timberwolves and the Bulls to reach a deal, the former sent out of Raven, Dunn and the first round of the 7th pick, for all-round players in the array of Butler, and the first round of No. 16 sign. A badly beaten, an invisible talent Dunn and the first round of the 7th pick will be able to get an average of 23.9 points and 6.2 rebounds 5.5 assists hit 45.5% of the All-Star, the Timberwolves in the deal can be Said to be called robbery. Butler also became Kevin Carrefour, the first All-Star player for the Timberwolves.

Sign all-star point guard! In the Butler + Vickers + Downs core lineup after the success of the construction, the Timberwolves did not feel satisfied, after the field of Lubio Organizational capacity of the lack of offensive ability to become a significant flaw, for which they once again 3 years 57 million introduced All-Star point guard Jeff Teague, FIFA 18 Coins who was the Hawks for many years into the playoffs at the helm, last season during the Pacers during the season, averaging 15.3 points and 4 rebounds and 7.8 assists, shooting 44.2 %, Third hit rate also has 35.7%.

Welcome to the final championship puzzle, to create a tiger lineup! After the introduction of Butler and Teague, with the original Vickers and Downs, the team's largest short board is the fourth bit, for this Timberwolves to 2 years 28 million introduction of the Thai Gibson. As the Bulls have the best power forward and the eastern part of the best blue-collar inside, Gibson in the 2016-17 season regular season only played 25.5 minutes, you can get 10.8 points and 6.2 rebounds, cost-effective and strong inside, he super The athletic ability and the ability to compete for rebounds are the best supper of Downs.

The popular application
Posted On 06/24/17 @ 02:49 AM
Handball, corner, penalty, offside, gold ball system, door line technology, foam spray is the development of football to a certain stage of the product. But in recent years we found that the referee has not keep up with the times, the miscarriage of justice increased, the referee from the black judge into a wonderful game of the spoiler, the referee's penalty is often the focus of discussion after the game. Such as last month's Champions League quarterfinals Real Madrid and Bayern's second round of the game, such a high level of duel, after the referee has become the biggest topic.

The referee's entry threshold can be described as not high, training requirements are also very strict. In addition to the referee theory knowledge assessment, physical fitness is also very critical. According to ProZone 10 years ago, the average league players in the Premier League race distance is 11593 meters, while the referee's average running distance is 11561 meters, although not the same as the players change, confrontation, but the referee also need to speed Run, sprint run, the physical requirements are still very high. Another football country www.lolga.com like England has long been the referee professional, set up a "professional competition referee board" such organizations to monitor the referee, and reward and punishment. In the case of such a perfect system, the referee level is still not satisfactory, can only say that the development of football has gone beyond the scope of the ability of human referees, purely human punishment does not keep up with the times.

The popular application of the door line technology is a very important step, high-tech means to help the referee to fundamentally avoid the door line out of the case. Video referees are about to board the stage of history, miscarriage of justice will be less and less. Some people think that the machine to interfere with human penalties will make the game a lot of false, miscarriage of justice is part of the charm of football. But if you ask Stamford Bridge after the tragedy of Barak, Drogba, ask the ball was ignored Frank Lampard, asked by Henry handball assists in the World Cup outside of Ireland, they will not think so. The most important spirit of sporting events is fairness, and the most effective way to achieve fairness is to respect the objective facts absolutely.

Human referee can not do this, not the attitude of the problem but the problem, then let the machine to help them why not? If the referee can see the video, it will not be Sturterman cheated, there will be no Maradona and Messi's God's hand, they will not be a week after the game by the fans abuse. Misjudgment has never been a part of football charisma.

The goal of FIFA16
Posted On 06/23/17 @ 01:52 AM
FIFA16 club management

Management of the club, according to the hands of players to choose the best formation, can also refer to the players the most appropriate formation, the whole team chemistry (chem) the higher the score, the team's strength is stronger. As the game progresses, the players' physical strength will gradually decrease, and then the players will need to use their physical CARDS, which can be purchased in stores or in the market. The contract card that appears on FIFA15 does not appear to have been added to this function.

Buying a player's card requires a green point, and that costs money to buy. Don't want to top-up players can choose in the transfer market, according to league position, level, region, player screening for conditions, the transfer market and FIFA15 makes no difference, can use the gold COINS to buy in the transfer market.

The game can be played by players or computer simulation games, and the players will be able to see your technical strength if they operate, and the computer simulation will see your team level. The higher the chemical score, the higher the odds of winning a computer simulation.

Manual operation, this is a major change in tackling key hidden up, can press the SPRINT when defending, this function is to stay on the ball players, and press the TACKLE is a foot off the ball, but this method of stealing the ball if not hit the ball, will be the ball players away body position, to want to TACKLE downward sliding TACKLE key is ok.

At the time of the attack, PASS is short PASS, the PASS Buy FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade is a long PASS, and the upward sliding PASS is the straight ball. The only thing that feels bad about the game is the key of the shot. The goal of FIFA16 requires a long press, otherwise the goal is basically a slow ball.

Skills can key in the Settings menu to open, but small make up think this is a small key skills, due to strengthen in this computer AI, so it's difficult to use the skills, it will be off the ball, unless they are some of the best players.

FIFA16 is the continuation of the series of standard, but don't reach the players look forward to, especially on the optimization of the game, caton phenomenon is hurt, hope EA can solve these problems in the next version. Well, that's the beginner's beginner's guide to FIFA16, hoping to help you.

The new mechanism
Posted On 06/21/17 @ 01:50 AM
Nintendo's exchange game console has a unique control and portability, has been successful. And now, the company and its fans have such a sigh, and we can turn our attention to the game we play on the Switch.

Under the Nintendo spotlight on Tuesday morning (June 13), despite the announcement of Nintendo, the Metroid Prime 4 is under development and the new Kirby and Yoshi games will be launched this year.

Which includes the PokkénTournament DX, which is a switch version of the game, the players fight each other, each with one of two Joycon controllers, and the FIFA 18 arriving in September. https://www.lolga.com/fifa-18-coins

Coming soon is the "Fire Badge: Warrior", which will be available in Nintendo's 3DS and 2DS handheld system versions.

Prior to this, it was fun to mix muffle Mario + Rabbids: the kingdom of the war, developed by Ubisoft secretly, and came on August 29th.

Rocket league, camouflage racing and soccer surprise, will be open to the switch this season. It will have interactive support, so other players on the platform can play together, and the Nintendo project for vehicle customization.

This holiday will also see the release of "Xenoblade Chronicles 2".

But everyone is waiting for the "switch" game to be the Super Mario Odyssey, which will be available on October 27th. "Odyssey" is actually the title of Mario used to travel the world of the ship, and in all parts of his visit, the environment is completely open.

The new mechanism will also encourage experiments. Mario can use his red hat to "catch" something, so that he not only has the enemy, including the characters, but also can have objects. For example, Mario can have a sign and then get rid of herself. He can have a wire, along it to other places.

And this coin is actually a currency in the game that can be used to buy souvenirs from different places where Mario visits, which are sometimes necessary.

Nintendo also confirmed the "Zelda legend" of the second expansion: wild breathing. Champion Ballad will be released on June 30, "sword of the test" will be issued in this holiday. These two packages can only be offered as part of an extended pass at a price of $ 28.

FIFA's reputation
Posted On 06/20/17 @ 02:17 AM

The scandal-plagued FIFA has finally begun its own rescue, after the new chairman has decided. According to AFP, the New York times and other authoritative media reports, local time Tuesday, March 15, FIFA filed with U.S. prosecutors in New York for a report on page 22, which charges the 41 former FIFA officials in office have corruption, they caused as much as $190 million in total assets loss, FIFA will try my best to recover the money. The report also made South Africa a $10 million bribe from FIFA to host the 2010 World Cup.In this report, including FIFA officials accused the former vice chairman of FIFA, the former north American football league chairman jack warner, Jeffrey - webb and former FIFA secretary chuck North America - Brazil, 41, a former FIFA officials. Report made it clear that fraud incident in 2010, the $10 million in bribes is in the name of the booster Caribbean football development into the Werner, Brazil, and another private pockets of FIFA's executive committee FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade. He also received bribes in the 1998 World Cup bid.

By 2018 and 2022, two world cups fraud scandal, FIFA's reputation, this report also has such relevant way: "so far, a number of former FIFA official abuse of power, and selling votes are obvious in different occasions." A number of western media outlets have interpreted this as an acknowledgment by FIFA that there were votes in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup elections.FIFA also showed them to fight corruption resolutely posture, the new FIFA President from gilardino said: "these defendants not just stole FIFA's financial capital, but also stole the collection from the control of the players, coaches and fans around the world originally aimed at promoting the development of football money. Money should be used to build the stadium used to build villas and pool; equipment should be used to buy football money used to buy jewelry, and cars; should be used in the academy and the construction of the coach football has become the brand to promote the development of money and tools of extravagance and waste."

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