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The league's largest increase in wages
Posted On 07/23/17 @ 08:31 PM
First of all, NHL is a rigid salary cap. The so-called hard salary cap, that is, when the team players pay the sum of wages over the salary cap, will not be eligible to participate in the competition. And the salary cap will fluctuate with the status of the entire Union at any time, the league's largest increase in wages from 06 to 08 years, 44 million to last year's 56 million, and the financial crisis today, the thought that will fall wages cap Up to 58 million. This also makes the team's salary structure more reasonable, employers can get more profits. More importantly, he is the strength of the team more balanced, and the game more exciting and ups and downs. Another one, in the previous comments, I have elaborated on the strength of NHL first round draft youth players, and the future development trend. But the most important is the NHL salary cap system NHL 17 Coins, resulting in the team's attention to young players.

This great and wise salary cap set, not only the team to save money, so that each team in a relatively balanced trend, so that the game more exciting, but also to the team began to pay attention to the potential of young players The excavation. But this system is a normal preparation of more than 20 players of the team is more effective, especially for young players, they have more opportunities to play, increase the mobility of personnel. But unfortunately from the beginning of the establishment of the cloning NHL NBA, although the copy of the NHL's wise and wise policy, inherited the draft system, but did not understand its essence, but the salary cap policy became a pants off the pants of a blank space, but also to the team Costs continue to rise. The most critical, NBA in recent years, not to mention the first round of rookie, and is really able to play the champion is also very few, the player is getting smaller and smaller. Because the team is small, there are a variety of middle-class treaty, in fact, NBA fattening a number of star players also make the club rush to find useful players, and young players training is more and more The less. Therefore, the NBA is increasingly lack of freshness, and attendance is getting lower and lower is expected things.

NBA in the labor agreement before the end of 18 months began negotiations with the players union, and employers have nothing to want to re-clone NHL salary structure, set the hard salary cap, change the salary cap of the column. This will be a protracted tug of warfare, and then NHL shut down very close, once the NBA shut down, then it can be said that the advantages of competition within the museum will be completely back to the increasingly mature NHL.

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The most important way to score in NFL
Posted On 07/21/17 @ 08:12 PM
The ultimate goal of the rugby game is to score. There are four ways to score. Touchdown (touchdown) 6 points, is the most important way to score, and can win an extra point kick (extra point). To touch the array, the ball must be the ball so that the ball touched the other polar array. Common is the attacking side of the ball into the defensive pole array or spread to the defensive side of the ball was attacked by the attacker received. As well as the attacking side of the offensive and defensive side by the defensive side into the polar array, or kick-off by the offensive team into the pole of the situation.

When a team touchdowns can also get a chance to add points kick, that is, shooting at the free throw point, if the ball into the two goal post, the beam above the area, you can get another 1 point. In addition to extra points kick Madden 17 Coins, you can also choose another way to score, that is, two points conversion. That is, in the sub-kick position to the general offensive way to advance, such as scored the other pole array was two points. Because this way is more difficult, the general team have chosen to add points kick.

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The characteristics of the ice hockey movement
Posted On 07/20/17 @ 08:29 PM
The basic techniques of ice hockey include skating technology based on skating technology and offensive and defensive techniques similar to soccer. Skating techniques include start-up, slippery, backlash, inertia, stepping, emergency and other techniques, as well as the goalkeeper's special taxi technology. The characteristics of the ice hockey movement is mainly due to the sudden change of direction and frequent emergency stop. Hockey attack and defense technology to control the ball, pass the ball, extraordinary, scoring, shooting and other offensive action and blocking, grab the ball, the legitimate collision and goalkeeper action and other defensive technology. The most important attack technology Buy NHL 17 Coins is the shooting technology, there are laps, pull, shot, blank range, ejection and other shooting methods. Hockey tactics have attack, defense and more to play less or less to play more tactics. According to tactical style of European style and North American style play. The former emphasizes coordination, tactical change; the latter emphasis on personal technology, emphasizing forced raid.

Tactics are the offensive and defensive methods taken in the game to defeat each other. It includes: ① offensive tactics, there are individuals, 2 to 3 and the team's offensive tactics, the team offensive tactics can be divided into fast break and position attack. ② defensive tactics, divided into personal defense, 2 to 3 defensive and team defensive tactics. ③ "more play less" and "less playing more" tactics, ice hockey rules fine appearances 2 minutes and 5 minutes of the provisions of the field may form 6 dozen 5 or 6 dozen 4 to play less, this is the best score Timing, and more tactics is to take a special form of offensive tactics against this situation; the other is less hit because the players were sent off and forced to take the special form of defensive tactics.

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The President of the Argentine Football Association
Posted On 07/19/17 @ 08:22 PM
In 1983, at this time the President of the Argentine Football Association is Julio Gronduona, in his appointment Bilardo became the new head coach of the Argentine national team. Bilaldo's 3-5-2 formation attracted the Argentine Football Association and got the trust of the Football Association. Of course, Bilardo did not let everyone down. The first game against Jerry Brazil, 1-0 victory. Followed by 3-1 victory over Germany. More admirable is that he appointed the young Maradona as the captain of the Argentine national team FIFA 18 Coins, this decision on the future development of Argentina has played a profound impact.

1986 Mexico World Cup qualification, Argentina last against Peru, the final success of Argentina into the finals. The first game on the World Cup, Argentina 3-1 beat South Korea. The second 1-1 draw with world champion Italy, the last 2-0 win over Bulgaria. So that Argentina 2 wins and 1 level successful promotion. The second round, Argentina 1-0 win over Uruguay. To 1/4 final 2-1 victory over England, 2 goals are from Maradona. Maradona's first goal has become the world's most controversial one goal. Maradona also admitted that the first goal is to use the "hand of God" scored. Since then, Maradona's controversial goal has won a distinguished name "God's hand". But Maradona's second goal was named the most exciting goal of the 20th century - Maradona dribble from the midfield, continuous past five England players defense, the final shot score.

Argentina Football Association and Adidas company announced the contract renewal to December 2022, Adidas will continue to provide full support for the Argentine Football Association, the Argentine national team will also continue in the next 11 years wearing Adidas jersey competition. Adidas cooperation with the Argentine Football Association began in 1973, so far has been close to 40 years, but the two cooperation is not continuous, the middle experienced two intermittent, one is the 1980-1988 Argentina Football Association and Le coq sportif cooperation, another It is the 1999-2001 Argentina Football Association and Reebok cooperation.

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The world's top ten football giants
Posted On 07/18/17 @ 08:50 PM
As the world's top ten football giants, the new German Cup winner, Dortmund club came to China for the second time, the club attaches great importance to China's huge fan base and market value, and actively open to find China's local business partners. In the conference site, Dortmund in the live club chief marketing officer Carsten Cramer presented to the Tengqing animation printed with "TENQING" exclusive jersey. In addition, Dortmund star Nuri - Sahin (Nuri Sahin) also visit the scene big show skills, and fans with a warm self-portrait photo. Mr. Cramer said: This cooperation is completed by the world's leading football marketing agency Lagardale sports help.

"Since 1999, he has been the exclusive exclusive business partner of the Dortmund Club, and Lagardale Sports has successfully introduced the team, including Evonik, Puma, Huawei, etc., for the team," said Ms. Li Ying, General Manager of Lagrange Sports Greater China. 30 well-known global enterprises, and Tengqing animation is our first multi-special film and television industry partners, where also congratulations Tengqing animation become Dortmund club www.lolga.com global cooperation in the family and another important family members from China. We are proud to contribute to the full-fledged partnership between Tengqing Animation and Dortmund Club from Film IP to China. We will continue to create innovative and win-win opportunities for European top football clubs and Chinese companies to build Chinese brands and Europe Football club cooperation bridge, help Chinese enterprises through sports marketing to enhance brand value.

John Madden is afraid to fly
Posted On 07/17/17 @ 08:35 PM
It is well established that John Madden is afraid to fly. So it should not be surprising that when the soccer giant sat down with Trip Hawkins and Joe Ybarra of Electronic Arts in 1984 to discuss what would become John Madden Football, the conversation took place on a train traveling from Denver to Oakland Madden Coins. EA founder Hawkins, a greedy football player Strat-O-Matic, had long wanted to make a realistic computer game. With the recent success of Apple II and other mass media, there was finally a platform that could make that dream a reality.

But to really make a realistic game, Hawkins wanted a football mind on his team. John Madden wanted to. Madden had signed a contract to approve a game for EA at this point, but there was still a debate on what kind of game would be done. Hawkins and Ybarra presented their game plan. They wanted to make the game more realistic. Real playbook and formations with maybe seven players on each side ... Madden called timeout immediately. "If it's not 11 out of 11," he said. "It's not soccer." Hawkins claimed that a lower player count on the field would allow the game to run at a faster pace, but Madden made it clear that there would be 22 players on the screen or there would be no game.

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The first injury of the new Diet
Posted On 07/16/17 @ 08:06 PM
After the World Cup, Diote moved to the Premier League, to 3.5 million pounds worth of veteran join forces Newcastle United, wearing No. 24 jersey. At the beginning of joining, Teot said: "join a so famous club, www.lolga.com my heart really hard to calm. In Newcastle, on the stage of the Premier League, Teotte really grew into a well-known midfielder, also ushered in the most glorious years of personal career. February 5, 2011, Diote into the personal effectiveness of Newcastle's first goal, is also the only one goal: Newcastle 0-4 behind the first half Arsenal, the second half even breath 4 draw , To 4: 4 score interpretation of the history of the Premier League's most incredible single field reversal of one, and Diote is scored equalizer hero - a 25 meters away from the wonderful volley volley. 

The effectiveness of Newcastle's first season, Tiote played 28 times scored 1 goal, the end of the season, he and the club contract for six and a half years. 2013-14 season, as the deputy captain Colchini and Kabayeet can not play, Teot for the first time to bring the team captain's armband, and with excellent play to win the coach Alan Parker's praise, then continue As the captain of the team. With the national team won the 2015 African Cup, the name of the Diote and Arsenal, Manchester United and other giants linked to himself, he himself may have left the desire to leave Newcastle, but the final line. 

2015-16 season, the first injury of the new Diet ushered in the crisis, he and his teammates Moussa Sissoko, Vinard Dumu position in the competition at a disadvantage, had to try to kick their own unfamiliar position , Which became one of the reasons he left the team. The effectiveness of Newcastle nearly 7 years, the number of appearances to stay in 139 times. At the end of 2016, Teot decided to leave Europe, came to China to join a team in Beijing North Control. This season, Diote for the North control played 11 times, did not score. As the Cte d'Ivoire international, Diote for the effectiveness of 52 times, scored 1 goal.

When playing NBA Live Mobile
Posted On 07/11/17 @ 10:09 PM
When playing NBA Live Mobile NBA Live Mobile Coins, players can use the virtual joystick to move the player out of the field and use the button to trigger a specific action. That is, when the player has the ball, they can use the button to drive, shoot and pass, and when they are defensive, they can use the button to protect and stop. 

 Over time, users can collect new players for their team, and they can trade prizes for unnecessary players. In addition, the user can receive a special collection when playing the game, you can also trade. Finally, the player can join the league or other players. Each association can have up to 32 users, and these users can match each other. Users can also chat with other players in the league.

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Bullets selected Bol is mainly fancy his ability
Posted On 07/10/17 @ 08:13 PM
In NBA history, Bol is the first non-American university and high school students, leaving the Sudan will not play, but eventually was quick success of the scout quickly into the league. In 1985, the Washington Bullets www.lolga.com (now the Washington Wizards) picked Bol in the second round of the second round of the draft, and in the rookie season he averaged five seasons to create an NBA single season record.

In fact, in a decade of career, Bol field are 2.6 points, 4.2 rebounds data is very general. Bol can be the ability to cap is a must, and his only left is his "special hot pot", Bol up to 8 seasons into the NBA block list top 10, of which two seasons ranked first in the league. Have to mention is that Bol has been in a game for four consecutive blocks of opponents, which has also been rated as the best shot in the history of the lens.

Bullets selected Bol is mainly fancy his ability to block. Bol debuted at the NBA, the 1985-86 season and the Boston Celtics' preseason. Before the game, the Celtics boss "Big Bird" Byrd reminded a group of brothers, do not be Bol to the big hat; if the fan was a big hat, the result is in the night of sports news eyes.

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